Last Friday saw the first of this year’s three Parent Workshops taking place in Ruspini House with those in our Blossom Class who will be moving up to Reception in the next academic year.

This workshop was an opportunity to communicate to parents about the Early Years Foundation Stage and how it is implemented in our Nursery.

Focussing on some misconceptions in Maths & Literacy teaching, Mrs Vicky Greig (Head of Ruspini House) and Mrs Claire Baker (Head of Reception) focused on the importance of recognising the variety and breadth of each subject. For example; the value of reading stories and the impact that can have on your child’s academic success as well as phonics development.

The topic of learning through play was also covered as this is often dismissed as unimportant. However, evidence shows that play is how children engage in the deepest learning at this age.

The best preparation for a child’s next stage of learning is success at their current stage of development. Teaching throughout Ruspini House and Cadogan House is dovetailed, with a unified approach to learning.

Evidence-based teaching programmes including mathematics and phonics are shared and throughout the academic year, Ruspini girls are exposed to the specialist teachers in Cadogan House, including sport and music. The year groups also share some activities, trips, and events.

It’s incredibly important to continue to build relationships between teachers and parents and we were delighted to be able to share some of our mission in this way.

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