Our fees are reflective of the outstanding education we offer.

We work hard to keep fees affordable for families, and are committed to bursaries and scholarships for girls who might not otherwise be able to afford an RMS education.

Termly Fees (2022 - 2023)

Nursery School

We understand that parents and guardians require flexibility, this is why we make every effort at our Nursery School to ensure we can work with you to create your personalised package of attendance at Ruspini House.

Minimum Attendance Requirements

  • We require ages 2-3 to attend a minimum of 3 mornings a week
  • We require ages 3-4 to attend a minimum of 5 mornings a week

All other sessions can be booked on either a termly or on ad-hoc bases (subject to availability). Term dates are available here.

We are always happy to discuss and work around your needs, contact ruspinihouse@rmsforgirls.com to find out more.

Based on an average of 12-week terms for Nursery School.

Nursery school 2022/23 TERMLY FEE ADHOC FEE
Ages 2-3  | 8.45am -12.45pm including lunch, minimum three mornings per week £1,490 (price for 3 mornings, extra sessions can be added)
Ages 3-4  |  8.45am -12.45pm including lunch, minimum five mornings per week £2,484 (price for 5 mornings)
Additional Morning session  |  8.45am -12.45pm including lunch £497 £47
Five days  |  8.45am – 4pm £3,924
Five days   |  8.00am – 5pm £4,654
Five days   |  8.00am – 6pm £5,224
Afternoon session (Afternoon sessions must follow morning sessions and finish at 4pm) £360 £36
Breakfast Club  |  8am – 8.45am £112 £10.50
Tea Club  |  4pm – 5pm £118 £11
Late Club |  5pm – 6pm £118 £11


Easter and Summer Camps run by our staff are available to book in addition to your termly booking.

Nursery school camp 2022/23 daily fee weekly fee (discounted)
Full Camp Day  |  8.00am – 5.00pm

(Includes breakfast, two snacks and a light tea – please provide packed lunch)

£83 £395 (saving £20)
Camp day (reduced hours)  |  8.45am – 4.00pm

(Two snacks included, packed lunch required. Breakfast and tea avaliable at an extra cost, see below)

£67.50 £315 (saving £22.50)
Camp Morning  |  8.45am – 12pm £38
Breakfast (additional) | 8.00am – 8.45am £10.50
Tea (additonal) |  4.00pm – 5.00pm £11.00

Prep School

Day Pupils Reception £4,080
Day Pupils Years 1 – 2 £4,290
Day Pupils Years 3 – 6 £5,105
Weekly Boarding Years 5 to 6 £7,700
Full Boarding Years 5 to 6 £8,120

Senior School/ Sixth Form

Senior SCHOOL and Sixth form 2022/23
Day Pupils (Years 7 – 8) £6,590
Day Pupils (Years 9 – 11) £6,620
Day Pupils (Years 12 – 13) £6,685
Weekly Boarding £10,815
Full Boarding £11,730

Additional Information

School fees are payable in advance, on or before the first day of term for all pupils. Please see individual tabs below for adhoc and Breakfast and Late Club session charges.

We offer a range of scholarships in Year 7 and Year 12, successful candidates can also apply for means-tested bursaries. For more information, please visit our Scholarships and Bursaries page.

Ways to pay School Fees

We recognise that families will want to pay their fees in different ways. We have a range of options, designed to help families to choose an RMS education for their daughter.

Direct Debit

Parents can choose to pay fees termly in advance or by monthly direct debit. The monthly option allows annual fees to be paid interest-free over nine months from September to may.

Fees in Advance

We operate a fees in advance scheme, allowing parents or grandparents to pay for a fixed number of years at a reduced rate. For further information please contact Mrs Becky Dunkley in our accounts team.

School Fees Plan (SFP)

It is possible to spread the cost of our fees over 12 months through our partner company, School Fee Plan


We encourage international parents, especially those without UK bank accounts, to pay via Flywire.

Optional extras September 2022

Adhoc boarding (per night) £52.50
Senior Tea £8.50
Cadogan House Tea £7.25
Packed Tea £5.25
Breakfast £4.00
After School Club Session 1 3.40pm – 4.30pm £4.00
After School Club Session 2 4.30pm -5.15pm £4.00 with snack
After School Club 6.15pm, including tea £14.50
After School Club late fee applies after 6.15pm £15.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof


Registration Fee and Deposit

Registration Fee (non-refundable) £125
Deposit – UK pupils £750
Deposit – Parents/Guardians resident in EU / UK-based Boarders (permanent or temporary) £1,500
Deposit – Parents/Guardians resident outside the EU One term’s fees

Deposits are payable on acceptance of an offer of a place. Deposits are refundable after all outstanding invoices have been paid.

Reductions in Tuition Fee

A 5% discount is given for younger siblings in the School.

RMS for Girls has a long history of supporting Forces families. We are proud to offer a stable second home for young people and to provide continuous support for global families.

Fees for full-time members of HM Forces and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in receipt of Continuity of Service Allowance pay 10% of the boarding fees in addition to CEA.

Notice of Withdrawal

Once the parent or guardian has accepted the offer of a place in the School, he or she is required to give the Headteacher, in writing, a least one full term’s notice of the withdrawal of the pupil concerned, irrespective of whether or not the girl has joined the School, otherwise payment of the School fees for the following term will be due.

Full details of the provisions on Notice and Fees in Lieu of Notice can be found in the Terms and Conditions Section 9. Please click here for the Terms and Conditions.

English As An Additional Language (EAL) Fees Schedule For Overseas Students 2022/23

The charge for each 35-minute lessons is:

Lesson type cost
Individual £42.00
Paired £27.50
Small Group £21.00

International pupils are assessed on arrival at RMS and parents are advised of the recommended number of lessons required to support the pupil in their academic studies.  Those working towards the IELTS or Cambridge ESOL examinations and the number of lessons required to achieve this will be reviewed regularly.

Fees For Assisted Learning Support (PALS ) 2022/23

Assisted Learning Support is available where appropriate. The charge for this provision per 35-minute lesson is:

lesson type cost
Individual £30.50
Paired £21.00
Study Skills £10.75