Starting your RMS journey in Ruspini House will ensure your daughter benefits from a smooth and robust transition into Reception at Cadogan House.

Our nursery class, Blossoms, is girls only and provides a high ratio of experienced, qualified Early Years teachers and a child-centred approach to learning.

Guaranteed Place in Reception

Teachers in Ruspini know each child as an individual, they know their interests and understand their needs. This in-depth knowledge of each child is shared with the Reception team throughout the academic year so unlike those joining the school at 4+, pupils moving up from Ruspini are offered a place in Reception without the need for formal assessment.

Welcome to The Prep School

Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception


The best preparation for a child’s next stage of learning is success at their current stage of development. Teaching throughout Ruspini and Cadogan is dovetailed, with a unified approach to learning. Evidence-based teaching programmes including mathematics and phonics are shared and throughout the academic year, Ruspini girls are exposed to the specialist teachers in Cadogan House, including sport and music. The year groups also share some activities, trips, and events.

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It is not only the pupils that get to know the Reception team well. Over the nursery year parents also have the opportunity to meet the Reception teachers and the wider Cadogan community through a series of coffee mornings and induction sessions.

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First steps to Reception

It is well known that children cope better when the process of change takes place gradually over time. The RMS transition process from Nursery to Prep means that not only will the children be familiar with and settled in their new environment, they will also have secure relationships with their teachers as well as peer group friendships from the very start.

Over the Hilary and Trinity terms, the Reception teachers visit the Nursery class pupils in Ruspini each week, to interact through child-initiated learning and to lead storytimes.

Visiting Cadogan House

The Nursery Class children also have regular visits to the Reception classrooms and other Prep School areas such as the Tranquility Garden and Dining Hall.

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They do an excellent job of providing a fun environment for the children to learn through play, while simultaneously supporting their development and preparing them for their transition to reception and beyond.

Katerina Timitheou