We provide a safe, secure and caring environment where every child feels valued and respected. Our team is committed to providing a solid educational foundation; building lifelong confidence, self-esteem, and a love for learning.

Considering others

As children develop they learn about boundaries and to consider the views, feelings, needs and rights of others. They begin to understand the impact that their behaviour has on people, places, and objects. In Ruspini House, our pupils learn to play cooperatively through responsive teaching, encouragement, and appropriate modelling.

Learning about feelings

Emotional literacy and self-regulation are essential skills for children’s learning and healthy development. We prioritise these skills by supporting the children when they have feelings they are struggling with, alongside modelling and storytelling so that children begin to recognise and label their emotions. We also help our children build relationships through listening to what others have to say, sharing and taking turns.

Encouraging independence

Every day, our children are encouraged to try new things. We explain the reasons for rules and support children in making good choices to follow them. Our children learn to manage their personal needs including dressing, going to the toilet, and promoting the importance of healthy food choices early, so they are well-prepared to manage the transition to Reception when the time comes.

Parents and staff together

It is vitally important for parents and early years staff to have a strong and respectful partnership built on trust, transparency, and responsibility. We have an open-door policy where parents and teachers share a joint interest in, and responsibility for, children’s development and learning. This partnership lays the foundations for our children to thrive.

I am extremely happy with the care my daughters have received at Ruspini House. They settled in quickly due to the nurturing and stimulating environment provided by the staff. They have both looked forward to every day and I have been impressed by how they have developed as a result of the positive messages and the wide variety of opportunities.

Helen Robinson

More importantly, the teachers and staff are friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated to caring for and nurturing the children.I’m extremely grateful to all the Ruspini House team for the excellent care they have provided both of my daughters with.

Katerina Timitheou