Our girls consistently perform at an exceptionally high level in GCSE examinations. These results are the catalyst for success in our Sixth Form, university and, eventually, the workplace.

GCSE Results 2023

RMS pupils were in high spirits this year as they collected their GCSE results. As with this year’s A Level grades, pupils achieved an impressive set of results with 36% of results graded 9-8 (formerly A*), and 56% graded 9-7 (formerly A*-A).

Read what our headteacher and head of senior school had to say

Cumulative % of GCSE Passes RMS Nationally
% of passes at grades 9 and 8 36%
% of passes at grades 9-7 56% 22%
% of passes at grades 9-4 97% 68%


Past Results


% of passes at grade 9 27%
% of passes at grade 9 and 8 49%
% of passes at grades 9-7 69%
% of passes at grades 9-6 84%
% of passes at grades 9-5 95%
% of passes at grades 9 – 4 99%



% passes at grade 9 32%
% passes at grade 9 to 8 54%
% passes at grade 9 to 7 77%
% passes at grade 9 to 5 97%
% passes at grade 9 to 4 99%


GRADE 2020 2019 2018
9/A* 25% 20% 18%
9-7/A*-A 67% 57% 60%
9-6/A*-B 85% 74% 79%

"I am so proud of our Year 11 pupils. They have worked incredibly hard for these exams and I am delighted that their efforts have paid off and it was wonderful to see so many happy pupils and their families this morning. This year group have had a less than conventional run up to their GCSE courses and with the national narrative of ‘learning loss’ and reduction in top grades it has been fantastic to see our Year 11’s have risen to the challenge and performed exceptionally well. Almost half the year group achieved a 9 in at least one subject, a truly remarkable feat when you factor in that they will have been studying 9 or 10 subjects and have to divide their time across them all.”

Ms Rachel Bailey, Head of Senior School

"This is a fantastic set of results from a large year group who have grown together through rising to tough challenges during Covid. I am so very pleased for the students, their parents, and teachers. For 56% of all RMS grades to be 9-7 is exceptional compared both to the national average of 22% and to the independent school average of 46%. Coming on the back of A Level results last week that placed RMS in the top 9% of schools for academic value added, our GCSE grades are a further testament to the truly excellent talent and dedication of RMS pupils and staff. I am now really looking forward to seeing these students flourish in our new Sixth Form centre.”

Mr Kevin Carson, Headteacher