RMS for Girls proudly hosted the recent private view event ‘The Values We Share’ on March 19th with Lydia Smith, our esteemed Artist-in-Residence.

Held in New Mark Hall and around the School grounds, the occasion marked the official unveiling of four monumental artworks crafted by Lydia.

These beautiful sculptures were created to embody the fundamental values of the RMS community: ambition, perseverance, courage, kindness, inclusivity and integrity. Additionally, there is one sculpture set aside to represent the school’s mission – to ensure that ‘every pupil thrives and is prepared to share their future’.

All photos: Phoebe Wingrove

Lydia released bi-weekly Creative Columns during the crafting of these sculptures. You can catchup with each entry by clicking HERE to learn more about the creative process, techniques and materials used.

The exhibition was more than just a showcase of art; it was a celebration of the values that bind us together

- Lydia Smith

The event provided parents, pupils, and distinguished guests with a unique opportunity to celebrate the completion of this amazing project, which was accomplished in collaboration with our exceptional Visual Arts Department.

Part of the project was to engage pupils in the sculpture-making process. To do this, I created the sculptures from recycled polystyrene and coated them in Eco-Friendly and a nontoxic resin called Jesmonite

- Lydia Smith

Guests were treated to guided tours showcasing the sculptures, strategically installed across various locations within the School grounds. Additionally, guests had the chance to view an array of inspiring artworks on display in the New Mark Hall, including pieces by Lydia and talented RMS pupils.

Photo by Phoebe Wingrove: ‘Inclusivity and Integrity’

Esteemed Artist Unveils Stunning Artwork

Photo by Phoebe Wingrove: ‘Ambition and Perseverance’

Esteemed Artist Unveils Stunning Artwork

Photo by Phoebe Wingrove: ‘Courage and Kindness’

Esteemed Artist Unveils Stunning Artwork

Photo by Phoebe Wingrove: ‘Shape Your Future’

Esteemed Artist Unveils Stunning Artwork

As I stood among the guests, witnessing their appreciation for the collaborative efforts of the students and myself, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. To see people laughing, smiling, and connecting over the shared love of creativity was genuinely heartwarming

- Lydia Smith

During a short presentation, Lydia awarded special prizes, including first-edition artworks, to commend two students for their commitment and support in the creation of the RMS sculptures, as well as to celebrate their own exceptional artistic endeavours.

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I can’t help but feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside the students of RMS during my residency. Their passion, dedication, and unwavering enthusiasm made this experience extremely fulfilling

- Lydia Smith

At the end of the evening, guests were shown a screening of a beautifully produced behind-the-scenes short film, offering insight into the intricate creative process of the sculptures, from inception to completion.

You can watch the short film below.

To learn more about Lydia, and read her reflections on this event and the RMS sculpture project, follow her on instagram. Keep up to date with the rest of her work via lydiasmith.gallery