The intrepid adventurers set out on a mighty quest….to develop and strengthen their understanding of a strange and foreign language. 

When I say 'Intrepid adventurers' I mean the tired Year 9 Spanish Group and their equally tired parents who were waiting for the trip to depart at the unearthly hour of 4.00am on a Sunday morning during the Easter holidays. Although sleepy, we were excited to go forth, excited about the journey ahead of us. The teachers arrived soon after and with a final wave, the bus sped out the school gates.

It was an easy trip to the airport at that time in the morning, the airport welcomed us with large Krispy Kremes and soon we were in the air. We arrived in Alicante and got on a local bus with our luggage, admiring a country some of us had never set foot in before. When we arrived at our hotel, our rooms were unfortunately not ready, so we started our first task. We split up and went to get lunch and had to ask a Spanish speaking person a question in Spanish to extend our skills. This proved to be a surprise to some as everyone seemed to speak so fast! In the evening we went to have dinner at a place called 100 Montinos where we tried small sandwiches which were amazing!

The next morning we were off to our first day at language school. It was an intensive session but we felt more able to interact with the locals.

The afternoon saw us exploring a little more of the town and trying tapas for lunch, using our developing language skills.

After a second morning at the language school where many of us were beginning to feel more confident with our skills, we were treated to a proper paella and a range of traditional Spanish desserts.

On our last day, before heading off for the plane, Señor Piqueiras got the chance to dig out his 'Sir Alan' impression as we undertook Apprentice tasks. We had to find and ask for a number of strange items from around an amazing covered market. All was going well in our group until we came to one item we were unsure of and asked for help from a lady at a coffee shop who unfortunately translated it wrongly and so we arrived at Mr P's table with an incorrect item and had to quickly find the correct one!!


We all agreed that this was definitely a trip we'd recommend to the current Year 7 and 8 girls who study Spanish and thank our teachers for giving up some of their time to help us develop our confidence and language skills


Have a look at more of our trip photos here:

Jemima, Year 9