At the end of September, Year 9 enjoyed a History trip to the Black Country Living Museum, an open air museum that tells the story of one of the very first industrialised landscapes in Britain.

You can read Angelina’s thoughts about the trip below.

The Black Country Living Museum was fascinating and educational. It really allowed me to understand what life would have been like and helped me to put myself in other people’s shoes.

The experience was very interactive, as we were all given the option to raise any questions at any time, and answer questions given by our tour guide.

It was all so interesting, but a real highlight for me was going down the mine and undergoing the conditions that coal miners as young as 5 would have dealt with.

It was also great experiencing other jobs on offer in the past, like working in various types of shops, as well as being able to taste the amazing and delicious foods on offer like traditional fish and chips, as well as sweets!

I am sure the different things we studied will aid us in future exams and endeavours, but also I will always remember this trip as one of my favourites as it taught me so many things and changed how I see the past.

We would all like to say a huge thank you to the History Department for making this outstanding trip possible.