We were delighted to welcome a team from the Bloodhound Project to RMS and watch the Year 9 girls throw themselves into designing and building model rocket cars, which were then tested out on the tennis courts.

The Bloodhound project is a global engineering adventure, using a 1000mph world land speed record attempt to inspire the next generation to enjoy, explore and get involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (collectively known as STEM subjects).  In the UK, as in many other developed nations worldwide, there is a shortage of scientists, engineers and mathematicians and we therefore urgently need young people to be motivate to enjoy and study STEM subjects at school, and then at university. The Bloodhound Project is trying to be that catalyst through which young people will acquire the skills and develop innovative talents that will enable them to overcome the challenges we face.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to inspire the next generation about STEM subjects
  • to share an iconic research and development plan with a global audience
  • to set a new world land speed record of 1000mph.

Here is an account by some of our Year 9 girls…

On Wednesday 4th November, all Year 9 girls took part in an experiment to see how fast a model rocket car could go using gun powder as fuel! There were over 20 cars taking part in the experiment going head-to-head in an attempt to beat the world record of 200mph!

We built a car using styrofoam for the main body and thin plastic wheels. We then put hooks on the bottom for the guide wire to go through. The wire made sure our car went in a straight line and did not fly into the air like a rocket! We were now ready to see how fast it would go!

We then went to the tennis courts where we displayed all the amazing cars. The Bloodhound Ambassador then inserted the rocket motor and launched each car one after the other. Our model car travelled at 82mph!  You can watch a video of our car speeding across the tennis court here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFsDNlId86o

Ours was one of the fastest cars there and we came joint first. There were also prizes for the most power generated by the car and the best design.

We had a really great time and hope that the Bloodhound team will come again – and maybe our cars will go even faster next time.


Thank you to the Science Department for organising such a fascinating, educational and fun day for us.

Mia, Daisy and Isobel – 9S