On Friday 5th May Year 8 went to Cadbury World.

At first nobody knew how this trip would link in to our Geography lessons; however, as the day progressed we learned about how the trip was to do with industry and that we would be learning about this topic soon.

To start with we did a tour around the main building where we got lots of free samples of chocolate. Throughout the building there were machines which described how specific bars of chocolate were made using lightweight, plastic moulds. It was interesting to discover how the manufacturing of chocolate has progressed over time as technology has developed. Most of the actual making of the chocolate is done by machine now compared to the olden days where everything was made by hand. We saw a demonstration of this.

Along with demonstrations we had a talk on how Cadbury has developed from a small, unique corner store in the city to a vast town in the countryside over time. One of the last activities we did, besides the shop, was going to the 4D cinema which was fun but not the best idea with moving seats after eating lots of chocolate.

Overall I think this trip was a fun but educational experience despite what we first thought and I think it is something to look forward to for all Year 8 students in the future. And I have learned not to eat all the chocolate in one go!

Thank you to teachers who took us – it’s safe to say they had a good time too!

Kitty, Year 8