The Modern Foreign Languages day for Year 8 was, in my opinion, fantastic!

This was a day that I will remember for years to come. During the day we took part in activities such as salsa dancing, tasting food from around the world, Italian opera, Chinese dancing, African singing and a world quiz. These activities filled the day with fun and excitement. I particularly enjoyed salsa dancing where we learned about how the salsa dance was created in New York by a Latino group who did not enjoy the modern day music so decided to create their own style thus salsa was born.

I also really enjoyed African singing where I learned a welcoming song that is sung at hotels and airports, and I also learned some key Swahili terms like ‘jambo’ which means hello. Tasting food from around the world was a thrilling experience – we tried foods from different cultures like Turkish pomegranate molasses and Brazilian chocolate brigadeiros which were my personal favourite.

We also did a MFL quiz, which was challenging and had many brain-twisting questions and ended with a prize of Kinder chocolate to the highest scorer. Unfortunately, I did not win but it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

To conclude the only downside of the day was that it was over too quickly as I would have loved for it to be more than one day!

By Josephine F 8G

See some more photos of the day here: