On a day trip to London Zoo with our new teachers, Year 7 really got to know their new year group and make new friends as well as seeing the animals. It was a great start to the year.

Despite getting stuck in traffic, our journey there was a great experience which got us singing (Mamma Mia 2), chatting and laughing together as a year group.

A collection of birds and monkeys were first on the list along with some colourful fish in the aquarium, scaly animals in the Reptile House, and a definite favourite, the lions, who were taking a long nap under the sun.

All of us enjoyed our lunchtime as we were welcome to explore the shops and activities around us. We could also spend our money on the delicious slushies, candy floss, and of course ice cream!

We also enjoyed the amazing Animals In Action show where flying, leaping and climbing creatures came to life and showed off their skills around us. The African Hunting Dogs where very interesting, though they enjoyed their food (fresh meat) a bit too much!

When it was time to leave and purchase our last gifts, we all felt that we had enjoyed ourselves, got to know our year group and teachers,and saw a variety of amazing animals. It was a great day!

Jessica H, Year 7