Last week Year 6 had a very successful trip to Culmington Manor in Shropshire.

The girls focused on our RMS values while tackling a range of exciting and adventurous activities.  They all showed the 'Courage to Challenge oneself' as they climbed, abseiled, hill-walked and explored the underground maze.  They were able to find ways to demonstrate the other values through the ways that they shared living spaces, tackled the tasks and interacted with all the staff.  They made us very proud when they didn't let the torrential rain one evening stop them enjoying and achieving.  Midweek they had a day out at three of the Ironbridge Museums; exploring Ingenuity – where they built arches, learnt the power of water and moved a train single-handedly; drawing at the tile museum; and exploring the recreated Victorian town of Blists Hill. 

Year 6 Team