On Thursday 21st March, Year 12 were lucky enough to attend a joint lecture at Merchant Taylors’ School about screen time management, from Dr Aric Sigman.

The topic of digital screen time was definitely something all of us could relate to! Finding the right balance of how much time to spend looking at screens is a growing problem, with the amount of time each day that we spend on our screens rapidly increasing, potentially causing a variety of  problems and medical issues.

The lecture was extremely engaging, making us more aware of the implications and possible dangers of spending too much time on our screens.

He spoke about the psychological and scientific studies examining this issue, as well as several real life examples. The lecture was a great experience for us all as at the same time as being extremely informative it was also humorous.

Thank you to Merchant Taylors' for welcoming us.

Hadiya (Year 12)