Wings of Hope is a charity whose aim is to broaden access to free education across the world – 'to empower through education' is its mission statement. 

Their particular countries of focus are Malawi and India where they sponsor schools for local communities.  Each year they run a fundraising competition which includes schools across the U.K. from all sectors, as well as the International School of Geneva. In the 15 years since it has been running, this competition has involved over 460 schools and over 36,000 students. 

This year we had two RMS teams who put themselves forward to participate in the competition.  Both the teams – Dreamcatchers (Emily and Rachel) and ICUBS care (Katie, Eashani, Curtis and Deniz) got through semi-final presentations to reach the awards ceremony in London on Thursday, 28th June, and we were delighted to see both teams come away with well-deserved awards.  Dreamcatchers were runners up in the 'Wings of Hope Awareness' category and ICUBS Care were runners-up in the 'Award for Excellence in Arts' category.  Mrs Freeman and I were incredibly proud of the girls, though could take none of the credit as they needed minimal support from us and ran their projects entirely independently alongside all the other commitments these girls have both in and out of school. 

Here is what the girls had to say:

“We are proud to say that we have learnt a lot throughout our WOHAA experience, from how to organise and carry out events effectively and efficiently to persevering when faced with challenges along the way. We feel that these two skills are vital for our future careers and lives. We also gained a tremendous amount of experience in charity work by participating in this award, which has actually sparked a great passion within us for implementing education resources around the world. All in all, participating in WOHAA has been a thoroughly enjoyable yet humbling experience which we are very grateful to have been a part of.”

Team Dreamcatchers

“Wings of Hope Achievement Award has been an incredible experience for our group: ICUBS Care. Reflecting on our journey there were three aspects that really made it worthwhile. Primarily, raising money and awareness of the cause was our fundamental goal, which was to provide free education for impoverished children in India and Malawi. We have gained skills from it as well, such as time management, teamwork and leadership, which are essential to learn for the future. Finally, our friendship in the group has progressed in parallel to the project which has made this journey even more valuable and I would genuinely recommend this project as an enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

Team ICUBS Care


Mrs Roberts, Assistant Head of Sixth Form