At the beginning of term the girls came back to our first exciting activity, the 8th annual Egg Drop. 

As usual they had an array of contraptions from ones that just dropped to the ground like a stone (with some protection – or so we hoped) to ones that were aiming to fly across the playground.  The ones that impressed the most were Talia, Ynes, Lila, Maeve, Jessica, Lizzie, Alyssa and Laura who all earned extra House Points for their amazing inventions. 

Ella in Emerald managed to fly the furthest but did not beat the record which still stands at 12.76 m. In total,l  60 eggs were dropped over 200 times and only one remained at the end unbroken.

The final score was very close and Sapphire took the crown from Emerald by one point.  It was a lovely way to start a fun and busy term.