Last weekend the RMS A Level Physicists and students from other local schools attended a "Stretch and Challenge" Physics workshop, under the guidance of our amazing Physics A-level team. 

RMS is affiliated with Isaac Physics, a joint University of Cambridge and Department for Education project, whose purpose is to support students who take Physics and Maths at A-level and who are interested in relevant degrees, such as Physics, Engineering, Maths and the Sciences. On Saturday 14th October, students from over 10 different schools spent over two hours of their morning learning about the exponential function and its applications in phenomena in Physics, solving challenging problems using A-level maths! 

Attendees on Isaac Physics workshops enjoy stimulating demonstrations, in-depth investigations of mathematical concepts used in Physics and, more importantly, try their own skills at solving unfamiliar and challenging problems. They are offered pre-registration online introductory questions, as well as joining the Isaac Physics Mentoring scheme, where they can enjoy support on the workshop material from a University of Cambridge graduate student.