On the 2nd February,together with two other RMS Young Enterprise teams, STAMP'D set up their stand at INTU Watford Shopping Centre in order to compete in this year’s Young Enterprise competition.

STAMP'D is a  jewellery business with a passion for taking care of the environment. We have created our product with sustainability in mind. We do this by ordering our stock from UK based manufacturers and by using aluminium metal for our jewellery so that they can be recycled. We also personalise our products for our customers by hand stamping initials into the necklaces and keyrings. Finally, to package our necklaces and keyrings, we use biodegradable bags because they are better for the environment.

On the week of the event, STAMP’D had everything that could possibly go wrong, prove to happen. The snow day prevented us from retrieving our stock as originally planned and a faulty backboard led to many problems too. Furthermore, we realised we couldn’t actually ‘stamp’ our product in the shopping centre as we didn’t want to create loud noises or people shopping and other schools selling their products. In the end, all these problems were solved thanks to our great teamwork and co-operation. On the day of the event, we got to the shopping centre and set up our trade stand; there was lots of  competition on the day, with companies from all the nearby schools competing, all with original and sustainable ideas. At the end of the day, we discovered that we made more sales than we had forecast, which was a fantastic achievement; we had predicted that there would be fewer customers in the shopping centre because of the weather, so we were delighted with our result.

Ciara, Year 12.