On Thursday 31st January, Year 12 took part in an RMS Edge seminar on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, led by Solutions Not Sides.

Solutions Not Sides is an organisation which seeks to tackle Antisemitism, Anti-Muslim Hate and polarisation around the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the UK, providing humanising encounters and focusing on possible solutions based on understanding both sides’ narratives.

Here are Katie's thoughts about the seminar:

"Solutions Not Sides was a fascinating lecture about the Israel-Palestine conflict, where Year 12 learnt about the history behind the conflict and how that has fed into the situation today. In this lecture we heard from two men, one Israeli and the other Palestinian, who were both interested in finding a solution. It  raised a keen awareness of the issues by showing two different views of the conflict and how it affected their upbringing. After listening to their stories we then split off into groups to discuss possible overall solutions to the problems, and then shared these with the rest of the year group. One solution suggested was that Jerusalem should become a 'peace city' with no weapons allowed in order for all religions to be able to worship in the Holy City without 'fear or hindrance'. Another one was about making the region similar to the UK by having devolved bodies of government representing the Israelis and the Palestinians, to ensure all people have their voices heard in government. Overall, Solutions Not Sides was eye-opening and made us all appreciate how lucky we are."