On Friday the 10th of June Year 8 went to the Royal London Observatory in Greenwich.

We started the day with a visit to the Observatory where we had a talk about our solar system and the universe. We learnt so many facts about our universe that I had never known before and we looked at the stars in a completely different way. The talk taught us about star constellations, planets and the wider universe, it really helped that we could see everything as well as being told it.




Next, we looked at three interactive exhibits where we could try and coordinate a ship and look at things such as black holes and the moons orbit. After that, we had a classroom session where we learnt all about the moons orbit and eclipses; this was really fun as we could learn about things that we never looked very closely at.




Finally, we visited the Prime Meridian line and the astronomers house. I think that it was amazing that we could stand on the 'line where time starts' and we could also learn all about the astronomers history and their inventions.

I really enjoyed this trip as we could learn more widely about our universe and also about the history of the things that we now know which people didn't know about 100 years ago.

Thank you to Miss Tarbox for organising the trip and to all the staff who accompanied us.