Talking to a former MP and a Secretary of State, no matter how interested in politics a person is, is an opportunity everyone should have.

Talking to Rt Hon Ruth Kelly helped us understand what politics actually is and how hard but important being a part of the government can be. A job affecting millions can be overwhelming: one ‘’yes’’ can change lives and one ‘’no’’ can ruin your career. Listening to her and getting a chance to ask her questions made us understand this better than ever.

It was a great experience especially for students interested in politics. Questions troubling many, questions to see if a career in politics is worth it, questions to get an insight of the Blair and Brown governments and parliament were asked, and Ruth Kelly answered them openly and honestly. Many A-Level Government and Politics students had an opportunity to have lunch with her and got to know her outside of a ‘’Q&A’’ platform, in a more relaxed atmosphere to have more detailed conversations about students’ lives and her life: aspects such as being a woman in politics, a Secretary of State, an economist and a mother of four along wıth the challenges that these things presented – areas that we can all reflect on when we consider our own future careers.

Deniz U, Year 13