It was a great day for RMS at the Herts County Schools Athletics last weekend, with some fantastic individual performances!

Congratulations to Year 7 competitors Florie, Grace, Ella, Amelia and Natasha; to Zuriel and Caitlin in Year 8; Talia in Year 9 and Nikki and Megan in Year 10.

The girls all performed extremely well, but some notable performances were:

Florie – 1st in Discus
Grace – 1st in 1500m
Ella – 2nd in 1500m
Natasha – 3rd in High Jump
Zuriel – 1st in 100m and 2nd in 200m
Talia – 2nd in 75m Hurdles and 4th in Long Jump
Nikki – 4th in Javelin.