With the appointment of two new environmental prefects at RMS, the next academic year is looking to be one with a great focus on how our school can strive to be more sustainable and conscious of the world around us.

A new Environmental Committee held its first meeting the week before Trinity half term, where the form representatives from across the Lower School attended to share ideas about how the School can progress. Suggestions such as the installation of solar panels along our flat roofs and an electric car charging station were made, and we were updated on the current projects underway.

The recent ‘plastic bottle free’ campaign has been met with great support by both students and parents, and will prevent 23 000 plastic bottles from reaching landfills and oceans at the end of the next academic year. This action was taken following the shocking statistics of the amount of plastic that has entered our natural eco-systems circulating the media in previous months; and it is comforting to know that at school we are being proactive in minimising our contribution to the plastic build-up.

Furthermore, starting in September, recycling bins will be added to classrooms across the School to further reduce our waste going to landfills.

Beginning on 11th of June, the school will also be trialling its first meat-free day, where all options at lunch will be vegetarian. This has been an idea suggested frequently for the past few years by other eco-conscious students aware of the detrimental affect animal agriculture has on the environment; so we are looking forward to finally testing it with our student population.

These important steps in the right direction will hopefully initiate a year of great, positive changes at RMS.

Charlie Butcher, Head Girl 2019-20