This week, Katie and Hannah, the Deputy Head Girls of Charities for this academic year, revealed the School Charity for 2016/17….

As you may know, every year, RMS carefully selects a charity for which they wish to raise funds, and last week, Katie and Hannah presented a shortlist of three charities to the whole of the RMS community.

Although all three charities were very worthwhile causes, there could only be one winner and the charity that seemed to spark the most interest from pupils was… ‘Sparks’! Gaining 60% of the votes cast, Sparks found consistently strong support throughout all year groups. Everyone seemed extremely moved by the video of ‘Laura’s Story’, which we will link below.   

As a charity, Sparks raises money to fund pioneering children’s medical research. This research is imperative in order to treat childhood illnesses, as well as find cures to the rare diseases that so many children sadly suffer from in the UK. The critical importance of this research is highlighted by the fact that a staggering 1 in 30 children is born every day with a condition that may affect them for life. Sparks wants to change this.

Sparks plays a large role in supporting clinicians and scientists who have the skills, innovation and passion to improve these children’s lives forever and their work can truly make a difference. Since 1995, they have already funded more than 285 ground-breaking research projects and with continued support and funding, such as ours, this number will hopefully only get bigger in the years to come.  

We are really excited about the year ahead and we cannot wait to start the fundraising process, with which we would really appreciate your support. We already have many exciting and innovative plans for how to raise money and we will keep you updated about these in the weeks to come! Happy fundraising!

Katie and Hannah 


About Sparks:

Laura’s Story: