In order to celebrate National Poetry Day on October 6th 2016, girls have been writing lots of wonderful poems on the theme of 'Messages', which is the focus for this year.

The English Department has been enjoying reading all the poems that have been submitted and we are so impressed by the quality of the work that the girls have produced. Of the many poems we read, we were particularly impressed by several of these and we would like to share these with you here. Many congratulations to the following girls:

  • Key Stage 5 Winner = Caitlin F
  • Key Stage 4 Winner = Rebecca B
  • Key Stage 4 Runner-Up = Charlie B
  • Key Stage 3 Winner = Tegan H
  • Key Stage 3 Runner-Up = Lirit D

The ironically comic note, Caitlin F Year 12

How funny that we have walked the same streets,

The slither of suits and skirts sticking to our skin

Like sellotape sweat.


How funny that we have looked at the same view,

The sun racing to catch our eyes

As they write a thousand floors and rooms and doors.


We watch the puppets in our minds lead real lives

On the tenth floor of the horizon.


How funny that we have frozen on the same thread of concrete carpet,

The crowd gliding around as if we were delicately placed

In the heart of the stream.

But we don’t care,

We’re both too busy spilling our emotions on the carpet,

Letting them seep through and stain the fibres

Of lingering souls.


How funny that we can breathe the same beliefs

Enjoy the same darkness

Drum with the same heart,

But the idea of you loving me,

You just find funny.


How funny is it,

That I am laughing at this message

Written to my soul?



Not funny at all. 

Imprisoned – Charlie B, Year 10

Cool bars imprison me,

My hands raw from clawing out.

I hear their strutting steps

And I cease my useless shout.


The cry of worn locks ring

And I pray it is not I

Who’s dragged from their covert,

Who is pleading not to die.


His scream of fear erupts

As their hands grab for his waist

Pulling him from safety

And into their embrace.


My heart pounds in my chest,

And I grieve for my lost friend,

Who will journey though hell

Before the beasts make it end.


I curl against the cage,

The room is full of voices

Demanding why on earth

We will suffer for their choices.


I ponder on the cause

That these monsters feel it’s fit

To justify the torturous

Murders that they inflict.


Soon it will be my turn

To face their blood-dyed hands,

To face their wanton cruelty,

To face remorseless man.

Another Message to You, Rebecca B Year 11

I’m sending this message to You,

Enclosing thawing stubborn words and phrases

that have stumbled at the final hurdle

in the raw test of time.


Each glowing sentence illuminates

from the postponed void of my mind

“I didn’t mean for things to turn out this way.”

The stabbing admittance of my faults

bears an unfamiliar sense of guilt,

testing a dissolving connection

across a path frozen over for too long.


Perfectly punctuating each flowing phrase.

I am in control.

“Can’t we just be civil.”

An awareness of the one-way train ticket I blindly volunteered for,

forever left to chill in that isolated carriage.


We’re both waiting for it,

so hastily overused in its fragile nature –

we both know that I’m subject to that crime.


But it’s different this time,

surely You must know that.

intertwined with the aged vines of sincerity,

the growth of stagnant time,

it presents itself,

a vulnerable yet resolute beacon:


“I’m sorry.”


You see,

I’ve been sending these messages to You

in bitter repentance

searching for a glimmering slither of peace

denied to me for so long,

before even You.


Withering each day

growing in maturity,

I shall continue to stand in the path of time

with my roots of truth and honesty


I shall continue to wait


So that when You receive this message,

You might somehow realise

that some people are still learning.


And forgiveness is a key

that You alone hold,

which opens a door,

freeing me from the cold.

All apologies, Tegan H Year 8

Sorry about being angry yesterday or the week before,

Sorry about my sarcasm, I forget that words can be sore,

Sorry about my boastfulness and letting my competitive side shine through,

Sorry when I get touchy or envious of you.

Sorry when I get into arguments over the tiniest of things,

Sorry not knowing when something stops or when it begins,

The truth is I know I can’t be the perfect friend or child,

Sometimes I can get too controlling because I want to let my creativity run wild.

And here I am being grateful which is not a common thing I do,

But at the end, even after my imperfections, I am always forgiven by you.

Messages of the day, by Lirit D Year 7

Is it better to send a letter or to phone

To leave a message to a loved one

Or to meet up with a good friend?


Did it mean more to take the time

To write a note and post it?

Would you rather press a few buttons

Then press send?


However, we live in a new age now

Where most would argue it is better

To keep in touch

With friends and family

For now we can hit a few buttons and hit send


Twitter, facebook, email and phone

All messages of love and hope

A quick hello

A long chat

Does it really matter how we say

We are thinking of you today?