There are two more lectures in this series and the next one is on Wednesday 15th March at 4.15pm in the NMH. Professor Alan Davies will be visiting us with a talk titled “The Mathematics of Anamorphic Art"

Prof Davies is former Head of Physics and Mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire where he has been teaching Mathematics to engineers, scientists and mathematicians for more than 30 years. He is the author of six undergraduate mathematics textbooks. 

Anamorphosis provides a distorted picture which appears normal when viewed from a specific point or angle or when using an optical device such as a curved mirror.   There are two types of anamophosis: direct view and mirror dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries respectively.  The mathematical description began in this part of the renaissance period with the development of the mathematical ideas of perspective.  We shall look at examples of both types of anamorphosis and describe the mathematical transformations involved.  A variety of examples ranging from the very earliest to the very recent will show both the artistic and the mathematical creativity of the artists.

This lecture, like the rest of our series, is primarily designed for students in Year 9 and upwards, but of course, anyone else is welcome to join us. Please feel free to bring family and friends along to what should be a fascinating lecture.

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