This week the DT Department took delivery of their new CADCAM (Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture) router which has caused great excitement.

As the Campaign for Excellence continues to raise funds to develop the School, the DT Department are eagerly awaiting the next 
installment in the development of the Department’s facilities—the go-ahead for their relocation to their new teaching rooms. With your continued support of the Campaign, we look forward to their next piece of good news!

Ms Dines, pictured above with Mr Handford and the new CADCAM router explains how it will change the way our DT students are able to work:

“The DT department are absolutely delighted with the installation this week of our new ½ sheet CADCAM router.   

This machine will enable students to draw an image on the computer screen (Computer Aided Design) and send the image to the router to cut out (Computer Aided Manufacture). The router is a tool used to cut, hollow out or shape material.   

This new machine will give students a whole new experience in designing and making using new technology, together with providing an invaluable understanding of the manufacturing process using CADCAM. 

We are planning a programme to use the machine throughout the year groups from KS3 to GCSE and A Level starting in September 2015 with our School Focus Day.”