Hot on the heels of our students' success in the National Cyber Security Centre's CyberFirst Competition, a group of RMS Year 10 students have now won the Institute of Engineering and Technology's Faraday Challenge, a nationwide competition to design a brand new rollercoaster for Thorpe Park.

Students are challenged to design and engineer a new attraction for Thorpe Park Resort which could appeal to a wide range of visitors, not just those thrill seekers who currently enjoy the fast and furious rides. They will need to demonstrate that they have the engineering skills required to design a new attraction and construct one small part of their design. The challenge encourages the development of students’ problem solving, team working and communication skills.

The RMS team of Isabel, Nia, Alisha, Charlotte and Rachel worked together to design a ride after a short discussion with Mr Dacanalis about the physics behind roller coasters. According to the IET "It was an impressive entry and a worthy winner." and you can see their project presentation below:


As their prize for winning this prestigious competition, the girls have won 30 tickets to Thorpe Park a STEM workshop in science, maths or design technology from Thorpe Park’s Thrills programme.

Congratulations to Team Phoenix on their achievement, and we hope that the girls' success will further fuel RMS students' interest in STEM careers.