On Tuesday, 21st June the Modern Foreign Languages faculty held their eight annual MFL evening in collaboration with Cadogan House. 

This was a lovely opportunity for girls, staff and parents to celebrate the sense of enjoyment and achievement that can be gained from learning about foreign languages and cultures, five of which were represented at the event.  The enthusiasm of girls from Year 3 through to Year 9 was plain to see, and it was a joy to watch so many budding linguists display their skills in a varied and informal programme of poems, songs, presentations and plays. 

Thank you and well done to all the girls who participated in the event, to the parents who joined us and to all the staff who were involved.  Particular thanks to Miss Lavelle for her baking skills in the diverse array of European biscuits on the refreshments table, and to Mrs Brown for her organisation of the Cadogan House performers, who took it all in their stride – well done girls!

Mrs Roberts, Head of French