22 RMS girls from Year 5  to Year 13 took part, with some competing in all three sections of pairs, groups and tumbling. 

It was a very full day for the girls, but well worth all the effort as they girls achieved some spectacular results:  



Under 11 Pair: Sowmiya and Sophie – 3rd 

Under 14 Pair: Kyra & Victoria – 2nd 

Under 14 Pair: Livvy & Josie – 3rd

Under 14 Pair: Jemima & Sofia – 4th 

Over 14 Pair: Sophia & Mia – 1st



Under 11: Sowmiya – 5th

Under 11 – Sophie – 7th

Under 14: Kyra  – 3rd

Under 14: Victoria & Eloise – joint 4th

Under 14: Ynes  – 7th



Under 11: Sowmiya, Sophie, Ritiki, Sophia, Eleanor & Ophelia – 2nd

Under 14: Livvy, Gabi, Josie, Jemima, Sofia & Eloise – 1st

Over 14: Molly, Miranda, Amelia, Sophia, Beatrrice & Talia – 1st


Every girl came away with a medal, and several came away with  two so congratulations to everyone who took part.

In addition,  Sophia and Mia in the Pairs Competition and both the Under 14 and Over 14 groups have qualified to compete again at the BSGA Acro Nationals, representing the Eastern Region in Stoke-on-Trent on Saturday 4th May.