On Thursday 7th March, Professor Allan Hutchinson, an engineer from Oxford Brookes University, gave an insightful lecture to the Year 12 students on the question: ‘How Green are Electric Vehicles?’

He spoke to us about how the energy sources of our vehicles will change in the future to greener alternatives. Because of the current rise in renewable energy sources supplying the national grid, he pointed out that it is increasingly false to say: "electric cars' use of dirty energy makes them equally environmentally damaging as petrol- and diesel-fuelled vehicles". This was very reassuring to hear.

He also discussed how governments are implementing and encouraging change to the vehicle demographic within Europe, and compared the goals that each country wants to achieve; for example Denmark wants to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2030, while the UK aims to do this in 2040. I thought this was an important point, making it very evident that electric vehicles are the future, and that this is a change we should be prepared to accept and embrace.

In addition, he talked to us about 'Formula E', which is a new class of motorsport racing for vehicles powered exclusively by efficient fully electric engines. Formula E is partnered with many major companies such as BMW and Enel X, showing just how popular these sports are becoming.

Overall I found it to be a very thought-provoking lecture, offering insights into an industry that promises great opportunity for the future, and demonstrating how quickly this new age of transport is coming into effect.

Charlie (Year 12)