On Tuesday 6th October Ruspini House celebrated our Harvest Festival.

In the weeks before the event we announced a scarecrow competition where we asked the children, along with the help of their parents, to make a scarecrow and bring it in. We would award a prize for the 'Best Scarecrow'. We received scarecrows of all shapes and sizes, made of all types of materials from balloons to papier-mâché heads. People used flower pots and stockings, clothes and wood. Many parents said how much they and their children enjoyed the activity. Here are the winners:

Many parents and members of the children's families came to enjoy a cup of tea and to watch the children as they performed poems, songs and rhymes.

After an address by Rev. Quill about the meaning of Harvest and how the whole school were sharing their harvest by donating their food collections to the local Syrian refugees in need, there were many cameras ready to take photos!

Red Class recited an Autumn poem and all the children sang songs about falling leaves and looking after our world. 

Then finished with a rendition of  Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

Thank you for all the generous donations from you all for the food collection and we hope that you all enjoyed the morning.