Today was Saturday which meant we could finally have a lie in 🙂 At 10 O'clock we all left the hotel and headed straight for the shopping center!! We all found the shopping center was quite expensive however this did stop us from buying clothes, sweets and presents to bring home.

After we had finished our shopping we all got back on the bus for an hour and a half coach journey to the Great Wall. When we arrived we walked through a street market selling lots of souvenirs, then we decided to take a lunch break at 'subway' only to find after queuing for 15 minutes that 'Subway' had ran out of bread. Luckily there was a pizza restaurant next door.

After lunch we got on another bus which took us to the cable cars. The cable cars had an amazing view of the mountains and the Great Wall. When we got of the cable cars we walked up a few stairs and then onto the wall. We took lots of pictures including the view, the wall, selfies and 'High School Musical' jumps. We walked a little bit longer than a mile across the wall before finally arriving at the toboggan slide. Unfortunately we had just missed the last ride of the day, so we took the chair lifts down which were just as fun.

When we got back down to the bottom we took the bus back to market street where we had 20 minutes of shopping time to buy souvenirs. For some of us, this was our first attempt at bargaining which was very successful for all of us and really fun. We bought lots of fridge magnets, toy pandas, chopsticks, key chains and 'I love Beijing' t-shirts.

Then we got back on the bus which took us back to the hotel. We dropped off our bags in the room and then headed out for dinner. We all decided that we hadn't had enough Italian food today, so we went a Italian restaurant and ate lots of pasta, cheesecake and tiramisu.

by Daisy