Today was our third full day at Harrow International School, Beijing.

We started off our day with a House Assembly led by one of the six school houses – Curie. Then we went to our first two periods before going off to break to buy some drinks and something to eat. Then we had some more lessons and lunch, which is very nice for school food! After that, we had two more lessons but today did not do our LIAs (compulsory extra curricular); instead, after our last lesson, which for most of us was Mandarin, we went to get changed and then headed off for the Olympic Park.

When we got there we walked around for a minute and looked at the different buildings whilst the teachers bought us our tickets. Then we headed into the track field stadium and looked around and took some pictures. This was a very good experience for most of us as we had never been here before (apart from the HISB students).

Then we went to Watercube which has a very large inside water park which looked very fun but was not open, sad for most of us. We looked around for a short time and went back out then headed to the shopping centre. The four schools split up to eat in our school groups then meet up afterwards and met back at 7.30pm.

After a good and hard four or five days of traditional Chinese food (which tastes very different to our takeaways back home) we thought it would be great to have a break and settle down with a lovely McDonalds for all of us RMS girls – which looked like the case for the John Lyon boys aswell. After food we could walk around and do some shopping for as long as we had left.

While most people were out looking round many different shops, Freya and I decided to spend our time at ONE shop, a small phone case stall where Freya would tell me what cases were nice or not and us two trying to get the man to lower the price from 200 yuen. It worked, obviously! After that we headed home after a long day out and ready for school tomorrow.