2019 has begun brilliantly for this years eight Gap Assistants working at RMS – and that is in spite of the chilly weather we have had to contend with!

Having all successfully overcome the jet lag and acclimatisation to the cold English weather we all feel very settled in now, and we cannot thank all staff and students enough for the gracious welcome we have received. We already feel very much part of the RMS community, a home away from our distant homes of Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Much excitement has already surrounded our group – with some of us having now seen snow for the first time. We have also been forced to layer up and adjust to dark frosty mornings and early sunsets, proving an initial shock to some. 

Energetic and enthusiastic spirits resonate amongst all RMS girls, and especially those with whom we work closely in the boarding houses. This year; Mia Sykes and Lilou Madden have joined Zetland House.  Izzy Spooner, Lucy Dyson and Amelia Hickman have joined Harris House. Gabby Searle and Juliette Clarke have joined Connaught House.

As well as being part of the boarding community, as Gap Assistants we are also integrated into the wider school community during the day. Within our roles we work with many faculties and age groups, and for many of us the varied nature of our work has been a real highlight of our first four weeks at RMS.  Libby is the Sports Gap Assistant, working in various facets of the RMS Sporting and School Club Community. 

We are all very excited for the year ahead and the special opportunities that RMS will bring to us.

2019 Gap Assistants