Congratulations to our Director of Performing Arts who has completed his PhD and is now Dr Hyde

Dr Hyde writes here:

"After 6 years, I have successfully completed a Doctorate in Education from King's College, London. Over the time I spent working at King's I have focused on assessment models, school accountability and the different types of parental involvement in independent schools and the effect this has on teachers' practice. Research on the independent school sector is very limited – yet with over 7% of all pupils attending a private school (and 16% of all teachers working in one) it is an important sector to discuss. I was honoured to have my final viva 'defence' conducted by two of the world's leading experts on the independent sector and social class fractions – Professor Geoffrey Walford of Oxford University, and Professor Carol Vincent of the Institute of Education, UCL. 

Over the six years I also gained a much deeper understanding of teacher professionalism, school structures, societies and the effects of accountability and assessment. During this time, my paper 'What Makes A Good Secondary Assessment: On Achieving the Aims of Assessment" was selected for publication by the international Institute for Science, Technology and Education in their Journal of Education and Practice. 

Whilst gaining the title of 'Doctor' does give me some sense of achievement, the most satisfying part of my work was being able to travel to different schools interviewing teachers of all different backgrounds, subjects and levels of experience".