Evie and Nikisha in Year 10 applied for and were successful in being chosen to take part in the Cisco work experience programme for 15 and 6 year olds.

Here are their accounts of the week:

Nikisha:  "I went to Cisco from 13-17 November. It was a great experience and I am so glad that I was approved to do it. I learnt lots of new skills like teamwork, leadership and lots of business skills. 

I learned lots about how to prepare myself when I go to work like speed interviewing, marketing analysis, finance and how to make a chip for things like Sky viewing cards. It prepared me for work in lots of different ways and it also made me think about what I would like to do in the future. 

I also worked on my presenting skills in front of a whole audience which really pushed me out of my comfort zone." (Nikisha is pictured second from the left)

vie:  “Work experience at Cisco was a great opportunity for me to widen my skills based around technology, computing and communication. All skills that I will need when entering the working world! The week I spent at Cisco was very interesting and I learnt a lot as well as becoming more confident about being introduced to a working environment.

While having a lot of lectures from employees as well as apprentices, practical activities such as ‘tear downs’ were a lot of fun as well as giving me an insight into all the different opportunities and roles you can take up at Cisco. Along side learning skills critical for the work place, I learned many things that I brought back to school which have allowed me to progress further in my lessons. An example of this was learning how to program QR codes using Python, I can now use this in my Computer Science lessons in addition to regular programming.

In the five days I was at Cisco, I learnt many useful skills and got to know a working environment, which allowed me to feel more confident when I apply for my first job in a few years!”