To celebrate and support the incredible fundraising work of the school charity, Sparks for Children’s Medical Research, myself and Mia Robertson held a Quiz Night on Friday 5th May. 

There was a great turnout at the event with around 45 people in attendance; including an RMS PALS teacher table, both Leadership teams from RMS and the Leadership team from adjoining John Hampden Grammar School.  Everyone battled through challenging questions ranging from guessing celebrity baby pictures to the intricacies of the Highway Code. 

The overall, and well deserved winners of the night were the PALS teachers who won the coveted chocolate gift prize!

As a result of the enormous support from parents and members of the School community we were able to raise £450 for SPARKS, which will be added to the amount already raised through all the events held this year. The final total will be announced shortly.

We would like to thank the wonderful compere Mr Broome, and Mrs Baron for helping us with the logistics behind the evening.  In addition, thank you to all the Year 12 students who came to help us out, as well as our outgoing Deputy Head Girls for Charity, Hannah and Katie for providing food and helping to drum up support!

Elizabeth Whittaker and Mia Robertson