RMS for Girls is a community that celebrates diversity and supports minority voices.  We do not tolerate any instance or form of racism or discrimination.

The killing of George Floyd on 25th May has left people everywhere shocked and distraught, prompting us all to reflect both on this incident and on racial inequality closer to home.  Reports in the British press this week of experiences of racism in independent schools renew the need to be vigilant and proactive in our schools.

The RMS Values of respect, tolerance, and responsibility are at the heart of our inclusive community.  RMS Values are the foundation of all that we do in terms of how we treat one another and how we educate our pupils to make a better world. 

At RMS we are committed to re-examining what we do by hearing from our pupils, from our colleagues, from RMS parents and alumnae.  It is a time for humility, listening, and reflection to guide our next steps in supporting our continuum of change and upholding our values.