On Wednesday, December 5th, 25 Year 11 to 13 Biology and Psychology students were treated to a fantastic ‘Brain Day’ led by Neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton.

The girls learned about the working and damaged brain, hearing about a range of unique cases of when things go wrong in brain development and the impact that can have on the development of mental illnesses and criminal behaviour, for example. How drugs and social media affect the brain, the benefits of musical education and learning a language for brain development and the range of new technologies for exploring the brain, rounded off an excellent first morning session before a well-earned break.

In the IT suite, the girls joined a ‘Mouse Party’, using an interactive website to see the effects of different drugs on the behaviour and brains of rats, as well as looking at the impact of maternal licking on rat pup brain development. In addition to further sessions on the history of mental illness diagnosis and difference in mammalian brains, the finals session saw girls witness a sheep brain dissection, with the various parts passed around for a closer inspection, much to the delight of the blue-gloved students. Rounding off the day with an open lecture on the role of the brain in criminal activity attending by RMS students, parents and staff, as well as students from local schools, the Brain Day provided an amazing insight into the role of our brains in shaping our behaviour.

We look forward to a return visit by Dr Sutton next year!