A little bit of magic goes a long way, as the boarders found last weekend when they visited the Making of Harry Potter studios.

'Birthday girl' Lirit got to help open the doors of the Great Hall for the start of the tour which was a very special moment and everyone began their spellbinding tour.

From riding on a broom, seeing the magnificent model of 'Hogwarts in the snow'  and the tiny details such as the toffee wrappers littering the floor in the carriages of the Hogwarts express, everyone was captivated by the sights and smells.
Sophia was slightly less enamoured by her first taste of “Butter-beer” but agreed that she had thoroughly enjoyed her visit as did we all! Spellbinding!

You can see a collection of photos from the trip here http://bit.ly/RMSHarryPotter17