On the 24th September, the Leadership team arrived at school to take part in a Leadership training day with the Head Boy team from John Hampden Grammar School.

Over the past few years, the event has become slightly competitive and this year was no different, with constant reminders before the event that RMS ‘had to win’. However, we knew that the aim of the day was to learn about the qualities of great leadership and to have fun.

The day was filled with many activities such as problem solving a route to save the John Hampden Head of Sixth Form from a snake bite, orienteering to find letters of a secret message, collecting cutlery without stepping in the shark infested custard, and guiding blind sheep into pens. All these activities not only were hugely enjoyable, but also highlighted key skills for  leadership such as communication, adaptability and time management.

The last activity was by far the most competitive, and demonstrated the importance of being calm under pressure; we had 20 minutes to construct a tower out of spaghetti, masking tape and a marshmallow. RMS proved to be the best architects as we broke the record, and managed to create a 53cm high spaghetti tower!

We also had the chance to discuss our aim for this year, and what we would like to achieve as prefects. We decided on the theme ‘Life outside the RMS Bubble’. We want to encourage all the RMS community to learn more about current affairs, and to gain practical skills for the future such as in finance and cooking.

Overall, our day was both informative and fun. Sadly our overwhelming success in the spaghetti task was not enough to secure the win for RMS, but we all enjoyed it and got a lot out of the experience as it highlighted our strengths and helped us improve and develop. Thank you to Mrs Freeman, Dr Esland, Mr Carson and all the other staff who organised the day, and a special thank you to Mr Kemsley and his inspiring team for running the event.

Serena C, Head Girl