Year 6 recently spent an enjoyable morning in new surroundings as they took part in an exciting murder mystery in Senior School. What a fun way to get familiar with what life will be like stepping up to Year 7 here at RMS.

Pupils spent the first part of the morning in the Science department where they were presented with the scene of the crime. Investigations began as our new CSI’s used creative techniques to test samples from a water bottle left at the scene, successfully eliminating five suspects and progressing their search for the true culprit.

Our budding detectives made their way to the main teaching corridor to narrow down the accused further with the Maths department. After spending time creating puzzles and examining clues, they made their conclusions and eventually cracked the case together.

The close relationship between Cadogan House and Senior School ensures that our pupils put their best foot forward on the next step of their journey. Find out more about our transition to Year 7.