On Monday, Year 5 pupils from our Prep School had the exciting opportunity to visit the Tower of London as part of their studies of History.

If the adventure of travelling into London on the Tube wasn’t thrilling enough, the group had a fantastically fun and educational visit; Getting up close to the Crown Jewels, meeting the legendary Yeoman Warders and making friends with a few of the resident Ravens!


The group also took part in a unique Tower of London experience, where they were put into the shoes of a Prisoner of the Tower. A costumed presenter recounted exciting stories from the Tower’s dark history, whilst pupils explored some of the historic spaces originally used to house prisoners.

To top it all off, pupils and staff were incredibly fortunate to meet Andrew Jackson, who became The Governor of The Tower in 2019, and lives within its ancient walls.

The group listened to Andrew’s experiences of living in such an iconic London landmark, as well as hearing about the wonderful opportunities he has had as part of his important role, including taking part in the recent Coronation of King Charles III.

Thank you to all of the staff for making this trip such a brilliant experience for our pupils.