Last Friday, our Year 13 students gathered for a memorable Leavers Dinner, to celebrate their RMS journey.

The evening was a splendid mix of celebration, reflection, and anticipation for the future.

The festivities began with a lively welcome drinks reception. Students, parents, and teachers, sharing stories and reminiscing about their time at RMS.

After a special speech by Mr Carson, Year 13 students and teachers then showcased their talents, delivering heartwarming and entertaining acts that left the audience in awe.

Following the performances, everyone settled in for a delicious sit-down dinner. The meal provided a perfect opportunity for students, parents, and teachers to relax and enjoy the evening.

With exams just around the corner, the celebration served as a well deserved break from revision for the Year 13 students.

We wish the Year 13 students the best of luck in their exams and a productive study leave!