We recently bid farewell to our wonderful Year 13 students in grand style during their much-anticipated Leavers’ Day.

The day was filled with excitement, laughter, and heartfelt moments as the students embarked on a memorable journey to mark the end of their time at the School.

The festivities began in the morning as the Year 13 students embraced the day’s theme, dressing up as swashbuckling pirates. The hallways echoed with the sounds of their laughter and camaraderie as they caused just the right amount of mischief, spreading joy and cheer throughout the school. Admirably, they lived up to their reputation by promptly cleaning up after themselves, leaving the school pristine and ready for the next adventure.

In the evening, the students returned to the school, this time adorned in elegant attire alongside their proud parents and guardians. The school’s Sixth Form heads took the stage to deliver heartwarming speeches, reflecting on the incredible achievements and growth they witnessed in the Year 13 students over the years. Their words were a testament to the strong bonds formed between the staff and the students, inspiring everyone with a sense of pride and nostalgia.

The evening continued with a captivating showcase of entertainment, featuring vibrant performances from talented students. Musical acts dazzled the audience, showcasing the immense talent and creativity nurtured within RMS for Girls.

As the night progressed, a sumptuous dinner awaited the guests, meticulously prepared by the school’s culinary team. The elegant banquet hall buzzed with animated conversations, laughter, and cheers, filling the air with an atmosphere of celebration and appreciation. Students and their families revelled in the joyous occasion, cherishing the memories created during their time at RMS for Girls.

Amidst the festivities, we also took a moment to wish the Year 13 students luck in their upcoming exams. The staff, teachers, and fellow students expressed their confidence in their abilities and encouraged them to chase their dreams fearlessly.

As the Year 13 students move on to new chapters in their lives, they carry with them cherished memories of their time at RMS for Girls.  As they embark on new adventures, the students are equipped with the tools, values, and memories that will propel them towards a bright and promising future.

Good luck to the Year 13 students in their upcoming exams, and congratulations on reaching this significant milestone. We will miss you!