Year 13 students marked their penultimate day, embracing a prison-themed muck up day.

Dressed as prisoners, wardens, and officers, the Year 13 students engaged in an exhilarating water fight at the front gates, only to be met with an unexpected counter-attack led by Mr Carson and other pupils across the school.

Following the water fight, the celebrations continued indoors as the students convened in the New Mark Hall for their much-anticipated leavers’ breakfast. The morning unfolded with bingo and a lively game of Guess Who. The highlight of the event came with a mesmerising performance by a magician, who dazzled the crowd with table-side illusions before staging a spellbinding magic show.

Year 13 students took a moment to commemorate their journey, swapping memories and signing each other’s leavers’ books as a reminder of the bonds forged over the years. 

Additionally, the day provided a final opportunity for students to bid farewell to their extra-curricular clubs, including Digital Leaders, Table Tops and many more as they prepared to embark on their next chapter.

Congratulations to our Year 13 Students for reaching this significant milestone, here’s to a successful exam season and an unforgettable leavers’ dinner tonight.