On Monday, Year 10 Religious Studies pupils embarked on an educational trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral to enhance their GCSE studies.

Written by Mrs Baron –

The visit began with a comprehensive tour of the Cathedral, where students delved into the symbolism of the Christian faith and observed various Christian practices, such as prayer and worship. They also explored the rich 1400-year history of the iconic building, including a sneak peek at the famous floating, geometric staircase, featured in the Harry Potter films. Adding a touch of fun, students tested the acoustics of the tower with some enthusiastic singing.

In the afternoon, pupils engaged in a thought-provoking Q&A session with Paula, the Cathedral’s Chaplain. She addressed challenging questions from our pupils on diverse topics.

Her personal insights on theology and contemporary ethical issues were also highly enlightening.

To conclude the day, the group ascended the 528 steps to the Dome, enjoying breathtaking views of the Cathedral and London from the Golden Gallery. Despite a few groans, everyone successfully reached the top. The Cathedral staff praised the pupils for their exemplary behaviour and engagement, making the visit a memorable and positive experience for all.