Fuelled by their boundless imagination and love for reading, Prep and Nursery pupils at RMS transform into beloved storybook characters for a magical World Book Day celebration!

With colourful costumes and creative props, the students transformed into beloved characters from classic tales like Matilda, Harry Potter, and 101 Dalmatians. The excitement was palpable as they proudly showcased their outfits, giggling with delight as they recognized each other’s characters.

But it wasn’t just about dressing up – the pupils also got to share their love for reading with their classmates. During the day, they engaged in lively discussions about their favourite books, swapping recommendations and sharing their most treasured literary moments.

Even the teachers got in on the fun, dressing up as characters from their own favourite books and leading creative writing workshops throughout the day.

As the day came to a close, the students headed home with books in hand, eager to dive into the next adventure. It was a day filled with joy, creativity, and a whole lot of literary fun!