In a week of exploration and creativity in RMSGO, pupils demonstrated a keen connection with nature and resilience in the face of the cold winter weather.

Ruspini Bluebells started the new term with creativity, using mud, water, and washing-up liquid to craft vibrant paintings.

Reception embarked on an outer space adventure when they discovered that pebble aliens had crash landed in the forest! They even rescued their own pebble friends, washing and decorating them.

Ruspini Blossoms showcased resourcefulness, freeing Stickman from blocks of ice using brushes, sticks, and stones. 

Winter wonders continued as Year 1 pupils explored a snowy forest, discovering a new trim trail installation, creating cosy greenhouses and planting microsalads. 

Meanwhile, Year 2 embraced the role of nature enthusiasts, participating in the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch. The group identified seven bird species, with pigeons being the most frequently observed.

From collaborative art projects to birdwatching, RMSGO reflects the school’s commitment to experiential learning in the outdoors. Stay tuned for more updates from the RMSGO community.